Tuesday 10 - 10 DC Tourist Attractions Katie's Never Been To:

Since I went to DC recently for work and to visit with JJ and the G&G. JJ and I tried to think of places I've never been to in all my trips there. So I did a little research and here's Tuesday's 10 dedicated to just this topic.
10 DC Tourist Attractions Katie's Never Been To:
  1. The Spy Museum - A new DC location so this probably explains this one.
  2. The Newseum - So this one is Closed right now but still I've not been there.
  3. National Building Museum
  4. The Cold War Museum - Yes there is such a thing.
  5. National Postal Museum
  6. Gunston Hall Plantation - okay so this is in Fairfax but close enough.
  7. Frederick Douglass National Historic Site
  8. Squished Penny Museum - how wrong is it that I collect these and I've never been.
  9. The Navy Memorial
  10. Old Stone House - Built in 1765, this is DC's only remaining colonial building
JJ make a list. We'll have to hit some these next time I'm in town.

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rmeyfe said...

I loved the Spy Musuem. My best friend and I went by ourselves -- no boys with us and it was great!!