Photos from Iowa

Taking a minute tonight between cleaning the bathrooms and paying the bills to post a few photos from Iowa. Santa finally brought me snow while we were there it was a bummer though it kept us from going to Omaha to see the Jones's there's always next time though. But it sure was pretty.

This is Dad's house in the snow I like this angle even though the tree is right in front of it.
The Water tower from the "town" where Dad lives
I use the word town lightly as it's not very big.
Dad and I - clearly I should be wearing my sunglasses so I don't look so squinty.
Here's Jay and I with Dad and my stepmom Ginny.
Dad and Ginny's dog Romeo.
I think he could tell I wasn't a dog person as he either wanted to lick me or he was barking at me.
And last but not least here's Jay at the I-80 Truckstop.
It's the worlds largest truckstop you know?


rmeyfe said...

I know that truck stop!! Great photos!! Next time we will have to try to get together!!

Janelle said...

I know that truck stop, too! In fact, the kids and I have eaten lunch there with Mandi and her ds. :)

Great pics, Katie! Glad you finally got to see some snow... I'm beginning to think our Dec. 1st snow is all we will see this winter!