Tuesday 10 -10 Subject Lines From the Spam in My email

Okay so I really couldn't think of anything real and I noticed I got 10 pieces of Spam (that got past the spamguard) in my email this evening so I thought what the heck here's this week's list.
10 Subject Lines from the Spam in my Email:
  1. was of potent
  2. be newsletter
  3. As by colubmbia
  4. To a protege
  5. Take it Easy
  6. ?
  7. Ricardo
  8. Cheerful 2007 for you
  9. re: Bobbi
  10. No Memorable
I love that they use proper English in this stuff and pick names of people I might know like "Ricardo" I don't think I've ever met a Ricardo.

And in other news my mom sent me this fun mail... I guess she couldn't help but to rub in that her Steelers beat our Bengals. Oh well there's always next year, I guess we should start cheering on the Colts like the rest of Indiana.


jen said...

hehehe... love the spam list :)

erin said...

Your spam title list is a little "cleaner" than some of the stuff I get!