Some Old Pics

I took a little time tonight to scan in some of mom's old photos. Mom I might finish these before the summer time I'm slowly but surely making progress. Here's a few to share.

My aunt thea playing in the berries or bushes. You can't hardly see her.

Here we have uncle stuart (right) and I think that's my second cousin John i the middle maybe? And perhaps Andrew at the left - Mom is that right. I love that you can see the shadow of whoever is taking the photo.
My Grandma Ruth how adorable is she? I think this is her senior photo maybe?

Mom (Right) and some of her Friends I think it's Sharon on the left and maybe Karen in the middle or something like that. I love those knee-high socks.

And here's one of mom's friend Sharon. Reminds me a bit of a coke commercial - too cute. According the back of the photos the boys are Kenny and Curtis.

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