Tuesday 10 - 10 Spring Style Snafus

Since the weathers gotten warm I think so to has people style sense here's few odd style combos I've seen in the last few days.

10 Style Snafus -
  1. Mohawks on babies - not the fake I made my kids hair stick up kind but the real mohawk (ick)
  2. Giant Hood on hoodie - I think they were thinking it would snow any minute.
  3. A Nun in her habit running in running shoes - don't they have a work-out habit? This was quite interesting to see.
  4. Shorts + Panty Hose
  5. Cream Suit + Red and White Striped underwear - Okay so this was me but I seriously was too tired to notice.
  6. Fake Hair - Not a wig but that other stuff that looks a little like noodles.
  7. Green Toenails - I think this was leftover from Saint Patty's day but it was - YUCK!
  8. 9. & 10. Sports Bra + Mom Jean cut-offs + Flannel Shirt (this is really three in one) - this poor women has lost her mind I think.

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rmeyfe said...

LOL!! How are you doing?? Drop me a line when you get time!! I love checking out what is going on on your blog.

You always do the best layouts and I love seeing your pictures!!