Tuesday 10 - 10 Mini Crisises in the Last 24 Hours

Well this week has started out with a bunch of random chaos so I thought I would make a Tuesday 10 about it.

10 Mini-Crises in the Last 24 Hours
  1. Flight Delayed (luckily I switched to a direct flight)
  2. New Flight Delayed as well UGH!
  3. Board Plane and proceed to spill my water all over myself. Lovely!
  4. Plane having technical difficulties so we unboard plane and wait on tarmack for new one.
  5. Arrive at Dulles International Airport and proceed to Hertz where I find out that both reservations I had for a vechicle have been cancelled.
  6. Hertz is OUT of cars. How fun is that. (I finally did get one).
  7. Wake Up call system here didn't apparently convert to Day Light Savings Time so of course I get up with 15 minutes till I need to be ready to leave for the clients.
  8. Have a moment of brillance where I recall that I left my parking pass in my car last week
  9. My client escort is nowhere to be found once I do make it from the parking lot to the lobby so I have to sit in the lobby for 40 minutes.
  10. Get to class and we don't have a projector.

So there's my life of mini crisises. In other news Jono tells me he got another job, and Lita will be going to some band thing in Florida in a few weeks.

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