Happy Birthday Jay and Happy St. Patty's Day

We went into the city to find a few things to celebrate Jay's birthday. I'm sad that Jay Jones couldn't join us but next time. I think we enjoyed Ford's Theater the most. But had a lovely afternoon. Off to Philly tomorrow.

Here we have Jay in the doorway of a door where Lincoln's dead body was carried out over 100 years ago.
And here we have me standing next to the lifesize version of Abe Lincoln. Look he's not much bigger than me. I look like a bag lady of some sorts since I didn't have a winter coat I had to wear many layers.
Here's the box where Lincoln was shot, by John Wilkes Booth.
Arlington Cemetery.

Jay and I in front of the Spy Museum. They don't let you bring your own "spy" cameras in so I have no photos except for this one. And what the heck is wrong with me? I thought I needed to lean back or something?

There was a big war protest march to the pentagon today, and there was also a support our troops showing by a lot of vets. We preferred the vets so we took some pictures of them. A little bit later on we saw the anti-war guys being chased down and arrested by the cops for knocking down a whole slue of construction barrels and causing traffic chaos. We weren't quick enough with the camera on that though.


Prolix from la Normandie said...


Merci beaucoup for your nice message on my blog!!!

you're so sweet!

giant hugs*

{ThE fReNcH tOuCh}

rmeyfe said...

Great pixs Katie!!! I loved the spy museum but hated that they wouldn't let you take pictures in there.