Change of Plans

Since we just had a day to go to Philly and Jay Jones was Sick and I have to take Jay Lanning to the airport tomorrow we changed our plans to go to Philly and we put that off until later. But I did talk to Aunt Rachel and we'll get together another time soon.

So Since we didn't get to go to Philly we did a little sightseeing today around DC. So I took Jay to a few places he hadn't been to before yet. So we went to Capital Hill - we saw the Supreme Court, the Library of Congress. Can you tell which is which? Both Buildings were closed today since it's Sunday but it was nice since nobody was around.
We also went to the Sculpture Garden. This was my favorite one. It's a "thinking hare" isn't he cute?
Here's a little squirrel that was very tame and didn't run away when I was taking his photo. No I didn't feed him I learned that lesson once when all the pigeons came in to still the food.
We also hit the National Archives to see the Magna Carta, the Constiution, the Bill of Rights. Look how blue the sky was? Bummer it was so cold.
And we saw a few buildings in the White House Area including the Red Cross. How cute that it matches their flags. Then we drove by the Jefferson Memorial it was too cold to walk over from the closest parking and we didn't have coats.

Jay and I and the Captial. this was taken on the steps of the Supreme court.
And Jono this one is for you even thought you have left the Seabees. We went to the Navy Memorial actually we stumbled upon it. It's kind of a neat little place not very large you almost miss it.


Kim said...

Looks like you guys had a great time sightseeing! Great photos!

rmeyfe said...

Great pics Katie!! You are making me miss Washington DC!!