Fun times....

First a little weekend recap. Had a lovely time scrapping with some of my good friends scrapping this weekend, I miss you gals already it's always so much fun to see you! Here's a few snaps from this weekend. Thanks to Jodie and Pam for taking them like a goof I left the house without a camera. I know I know that's awful.

I had to leave early Sunday so I could catch my flight to Boston. I spent 7 hours at the airport and then arrived in Boston just in time for the Red Sox to win their division. These people are crazy for the Sox - they are trying to get me to go to Fenway for the partying outside the stadium. I think I will pass although I'm sure it would be neat but with my luck I would get lost or stuck on the side of the city I'm not staying in. Tonight as a little treat I had dinner at a place called "the restaurant" a cute little place downtown Woburn. I snapped a few photos today. Here's a groovy little church in Woburn I thought the light was just perfect so I snapped it from the car at a red light.

And this lake that I walked at this morning. It's a cute little lake I wish I had known about it Monday as it was sunny and the trees are much prettier than this. However I'm not sure I will go back and walk there again as there seemed to be all these creepy folks sitting in there cars in the parking lot I'm not sure what that's about but it's too odd. And last but not least I finally found myself an AC Moore Craft store. Let me just tell you it's not all that different from Micheals or Joanns although they have some of the newer "hipper" stuff and better prices. I did however get some yarn to knit with and some thickers I think my grand total was $6.68 so that's a pretty good deal.


Dawn said...

I can't believe you forgot your camera. I was really starting to think that was as essential to your daily life as.....clothes? lol

Janelle said...

Hey, Katie! It was great to see you again! :)

Hope that things go well for you in Boston. Hey, my dh has an aunt who lives in Woburn!

Mimi Russell said...

Wahoooo, you're a Hoop-da-loop GODDESS, I see! :) You go girl! I am so sad I wasn't able to make it last weekend. That was so nice of you to let Janelle beat you, by the way!

Love, mimi