Tuesday 10 of Tuesday 10's

As with most Tuesday's I'm at a loss for what I should make my list about so I thought why not make a list of 10 things to make more lists about so next tuesday I'm not thinking about it all day?? Doesn't that sound delightful. So here we have it the Tuesday 10 of Tuesday's 10's try not to burst with excitment.

  1. Things to Recycle/Reuse/Repurpose.
  2. What's in purse.
  3. List of arts and crafts happening at Katie's
  4. Where in the world (this will be an extra special list).
  5. Songs on my iPod.
  6. 10 random things at my house.
  7. List of Awesome Etsy Shops.
  8. 10 things to purge (I'm in need of some purging).
  9. Staples for a traveler.
  10. 10 Faces of Katie

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