Tuesday 10 - 10 Things I Really Have Never Wanted

Watched a little External Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and the main character Clementine has many colors of hair it's blue, green, tangerine, red. This is not nore ever has been my thing - I have never wanted to have funky colored hair, so I thought I would make this weeks list a list of all the things I've never wanted to have or do or try.
  1. Have wild colored hair.
  2. Debone a fish.
  3. Jump out of a plane (but if you got me up there I'd likely do it).
  4. Own a sports car.
  5. Shop in a store where the cheapest item is $1000.
  6. Use jackhammer - I'm quite certain I would lose a foot.
  7. Own a dog I'm not a dog person.
  8. Have anything other than my ears pierced.
  9. Ride a live bull.
  10. Swim with sharks - I've watched Jaws one too many times.

1 comment:

Jeanne said...

LMAO over the jackhammer comment! :D