Tuesday 10 - 10 Reasons to Love October

Tuesday 10 time! Today's list is an ode to why you should love October!
  1. You can rock sweatshirts, jeans and flip-flops (well when it isn't almost 90 degrees).
  2. Trees are exploding in fabulous color.
  3. Raking and jumping into piles of leaves.
  4. Going to the orchard what's not to love about pumpkins and apples.
  5. Allegery season.
  6. Open windows and fresh air.
  7. scarfs but no coats.
  8. Crops with my BFFs!
  9. Corn mazes.
  10. Hot apple cider.

Enjoy your Octobers everyone!


Pam said...

I love going to the orchard too.

rmeyfe said...

I so miss fall now that I am living in the land of eternal summer!! :(

Laura said...

Hey you forgot to say my birthday! It was on this day too!LOL