Tuesday 10 - 10 Things to Recycle/Reuse/Repurpose

I'm using my list from a few weeks ago. Last week I wrote another list but I had trouble posting as things were in Bengali so I'm saving that for another week.

10 Things to Recycle/Reuse/Repurpose
  1. Food Boxes - for example Ceral Boxes, pasta boxes, pop tart boxes - these make great gift wrapping boxes I have a whole large stash of them my box of box they are perfect for all occasions and don't really need gift wrapping.
  2. Jars (any kind really) - I like to save all sorts of shapes and size jars - spaghetti jars, jam jars, taco sauce jars - they are perfect for store scrapbook embellishments as well as other items like pens and markers on your desk, newspaper rubberbands, tacks etc.
  3. Old Wool Sweaters - I've heard that you can felt these into all sorts of fun things hand bags, potholders, bowls I've been dying to try it but I haven't had time yet.
  4. Newspapers - RECYCLE them! Not only are they good for clipping out words and articles but take them to your local firestation and/or library and have them recycled. This also makes for great wrapping paper I like the stock page as it's all black and white. Something to note this is also a great garden liner better than the plastic kind if you lay it down water and cover with mulch it will keep your garden weed free.
  5. Waterbottles - I reuse these puppies. We wash them out and refill them. Once we're done into the recycling they go.
  6. Twisty Ties - right now I'm reusing twisty ties as a key ring to I don't lose my desk key, a curtain tie and luggage tag holder - what can you Twisty Tie?
  7. Unmatched Socks - these make lovely mittens, nice stuffed creatures, dust rags and more.
  8. Record Album Covers - These make lovely wallpaper.
  9. Plastic Sacks - I reuse these over and over and over for trashcan liners, taking lunch to the office, assorted tote bags options and I recently saw these adoreable little purses made from them.
  10. Laundry Baskets - they make nice recycling center bins, foot stools, shoe collectors and holders of random stuff.

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Anonymous said...

I love your ideas!!! Especially about the wool sweaters... I am a knitter and I love trying anything having to do with yarn, and RECYCLING!!!!!!