Newly Remodeled Marion County Library

We went to see the newly remodeled Marion County Library this week. We were very exicited because the little libraries just don't have many books but the big central library has a large circulation. Well while I do enjoy modern architeture I'm a little sad about the remodel. They've taken the old Central Library which I think is a Carnigie Library and cut the back out of it and attached this uber-modern huge building to the back of it. The two are like night and day they seem to be an odd match. You think they would have just made the new building be similar to the old but it's not in anyway it's almost appauling how odd they look together. Anyhow I took a few pictures to share. I couldn't really get a good shot of them melded from the outside as there was a giant crane in the way but you'll have to invision this. In addition to this you can feel the floor slightly give in the new building as you walk across it in spots I'm not entirely sure if this was just me or if it was in fact moving but I felt it more than once so I'm thinking that it does (hopefully it's not cheap construction). However on the good news side - they have a large section of Jay's favorite books, a very large section of craft books, a fancy check-in system complete with a conveyor belt, escalators to ride, giant computer labs, lots and lots of staff to assist, a cute cafe and they are offering a class I want to take. So it's not all bad.

This is the old library the portion which they have perserved.
And the west wing of the old library I love the grand ceilings.
The main room of the old builing, most of the original fixtures are intact and well preserved.
And here we have some of the new library this is the childrens book room.
Here's the best shot I got of where the two meet. If you look closely you can see where the limestone of the old library meets the steel and glass.
And the new portion of the library.

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