Sometimes Tuesday can't come fast enough...

I should stop this blog post right there but I'm not going to. Here's how my day went...

3:30 am alarm
No more snooze
Rush around
leave for airport
forget laptop cord
return to house
4:30 arrive at airport.
check in for flight.
already ready for a nap.
notice that hair is a little flyaway
my hair seriously needs less static
5 am flight leaves on time
Nap begins
landed early
nap ends
slip on ice coming off the plane
why didn't someone tell me it was icy
clearly in Katieland it is not yet winter
somehow the plane wasn't slipping though
no damage done except pride
proceed to the baggage claim
wait at the wrong claim don't find bag
get a little worried
panic sets in
someone gets me in the right direction
find my bag
find rental car shuttle
oh I love enterprise
those cute little guys can carry my bags anyday
get car drive to the office
arrive at parking garage
scan once
scan twice
still nothing
scan three times
third time is NOT the charm
ring the buzzer
the guard let's me in
thank goodness
find spot
walk to the door
notice weird trail of food to the door
can't help wondering if Hansel and Gretal beat me to the office
leaving their bread and apple crumbs behind them
open door to office
lady passes out cold
she hits her head pretty hard on the side of the wall
I thought guts might spill
they did not
dropped my bags to help her
holler at the guards to do something
they rush over to help
EMTs arrrive fairly quick
lady is still out cold
they take her away on a stretcher
I go to my desk
yet again my badge doesn't open the door
find my desk
see my new pc
happy smiles
plug in my laptop log in
no email
no email
no email
it's broken
seems we have new security firewalls
no more chat :(
find out I had expired
thus the badge issues
fast forward a few hours
a few more weird
and monday occurances
arrive at hotel
ready for the day to be over


Stephanie said...

what a long day girl.. hugs!!

rmeyfe said...

I think I need a nap after reading all that!! Hope your tuesday is more calm!!!

Janelle said...

Wow... hope today goes better!