Today was much better for me although not so much for that lady who passed out yesterday. In a meeting today someone mentioned and that she died on the way to the hospital yesterday. it seems she had some kind of brain anurizium (sp?) and it caused bleeding of the brain. OMG! Poor thing. Can you imagine just going to work one day and then dying before you even got to your desk. I feel horrible for her family she's probably somewhere in the range of 35-45 apparently she had a few kids too :( Sending them good thoughts.

After work today I thought I would be adventureous and go to the JFK library which is like 2 minutes from my hotel. So I google directions (which are slightly written by someone on crack) just follow the signs if you are ever in the area. Well it's right next to UMass - which I'm not sure why anyone would go to school there I didn't see a single bar near campus it's just out on this pennisula with all these big offical building and dorms and apartments ;). People must be getting their learn on there. Some of the buildings have some neat architecture to them though. Well I arrive at the JFK Library which as at the tip of the pennisula and there's like 2 cars in the parking lot so this trip is not looking so good. Seems they close at 5. UGH! Don't they know that some people who want to go to the presidental libraries want them to be open after work? So anyway I walked around a bit out front of the building careful not to slip on any ice. (see photos below they are none to fabulous with the haze/rain going on outside but still documentation that I was there).
After that I came back to my hotel room and I ordered chinese food.

Here we have what Stonehenge must look like if it was in the foreground of the JFK Library.
And the library amongst the haze.
This was probably the best shot I got of it. I must learn to use my camera in the bad weather.

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rmeyfe said...

OMG I am sorry to hear about the lady that is so sad!!!