Sometimes even the Virgin Mary can't make my flight leave as planned...

At least not today! I went to the airport around 11 today to try and catch an early flight to Charolette to get out of beantown before the snow. Well I was #4 on Standby and of course they didn't get to my number. So I figure I have an hour or so to kill I might go see something other than planes coming and going that aren't mine. So I get to the cab stand and ask how much it is to go to the Virgin Mary Shrine (BTW I already know it's like less than a mile from the airport having seen the signs when I drop off my rental cars). He tells me about $4 (which is almost unheard of for a cab ride from any airport). So I say it's a deal and hop in. And he takes me there it's like in the middle of the projects if he hadn't been with me I think I would have stayed in the car. We pull up to the shrine which is under construction or at least partially taped off like it's under construction. And there she is inside the gates. It reminded me of memorial in DC which I guess it kind of like what it is only it's a memorial to the Virgin Mary. Anyhow there's a little church and a shop and the whole place was kind of deserted. But I did light a candle, snap a few photos, and say a prayer (I won't go into all the details but I did ask that the snow hold off so I could selfishly celebrate Christmas with my friends tomorrow, but I wasn't entirely selfish). While I was there it began to snow as you can see in the photos. They had a nativity set up too which I always enjoy but no Baby Jesus and shame on me but I thought perhaps someone stole him as it's a rough neighborhood like that. Although the route down the hill was a little less rough.

I hopped back in my cab and went back to the airport only for my flight to be cancelled and the later flight to be cancelled but I was thinking as I booked a hotel before I knew my flight cancelled. So perhaps the virgin mary has no influence over the snow. However she does influnce cabbie Natihsh (or however it's spelled) because he stopped the meter while we were there and the whole adventure only cost me $8. And I know that if the meter was running it would have been more.
Anyhow there's at least 6 inches of snow out there now I'm on a flight to DC and then to Indy tomorrow hopefully I can make it in time for some Christmas Extravaganza although it's still coming down I can barely see I-93 from my window and it's still gridlocked so hopefully those people don't run out of gas.

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Stephanie said...

TFS sharing about your adventure.. Hope you make it home tomorrow.