O Christmas tree...

O Christmas Tree how lovely are your branches. No holiday trees here in my house and well the branches have really seen better days but the tree is up. I was going to put every ornament that I own but then I realized I own way to many for this poor tree. But I did put quite a few on there.
One of the robots doesn't she look nice on the tree?
Here's one of my favorite ornaments Lita made it for me. I think it's really a bookmark but I think it looks nice on the tree.
And the whole tree. The star just will not stand straight but I do love it.
Jay and the tree. Jay thinks the tree is beautimus!
And because I don't like little chotskies and stuff and I don't put up other decorations for the most part. And I must have something under the tree while I'm still working on my tree skirt here we have a little reindeer Jonathan gave me a few years ago and a little snowman from mom.


Judy said...

I love your tree and your commentary too!

Janelle said...

Fun pics, Katie!!