Last of the UP Trip - UP Vacation Part 4

I don't have a lot of words to go with this post. I had all these grand intentions of writing something. But then once I uploaded it I had nothing in my head anymore.  These are what remains of the photos I'm going to share from my UP Trip. If you want to see more of the trip check out Thea's Blog she's posted about our super nice cabin, and I'm sure she'll have more to post soon as well. 
JJ and Lynley on EH beach. 
Cousin Bernie (I mean Paul)
Family photo time on the porch of Lake Breeze. 
Don't we all look sweet... Top Row - Paul, Lita, Dave, Mom, Rachel, JJ, Middle - Paul, Me, Sue, Angie, Colleen, Front - Thea, Kelly, Grandpa, Sarah, Tim, Taylor, Royce

And then we got a little goofy...

And someone got extra goofy.
We also took a photo of just the Jones's present and grandpa right before we left. 

Until next year!

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thea said...

Nice pictures .. now I'll have to definitely upload more. Your cabin pics were great, I must admit. You did more people pics than me. I thought you got Grandpa on Mt. Brockway, but then realized it wasn't ...