#40 See the Sunrise - UP Vacation Part 1

#40 on my list this year was to see the Sunrise in the UP - usually I miss it for one reason or another.  So Thea, Mom and I said - let's do it day one so at least that way we can do a "take 2".  We decided the night before that the sandstone areas would be a good place to go since they are on the East side of the Keewanaw Peninsula. 
We get up at like 5:30. 
Toss on swim suits and clothes.
Drive like crazy people to the sandstone.  
It's like 25 minutes from our cabin it seems to take forever.
I'm terrified we missed the sunrise already.
We pass 7 deer I think it was.
We pick out a pullout spot.
The sky looks like this...
This is when I start to panic that we will miss it because of that tree bump out.  
Bummed we walk on the beach hoping to find a spot to see it.
And then what's this...
We have not missed it! 
There's Mr. Sun.
I do a happy dance.
Snap a million pictures.
Video tape the rising sun.

So I run and take a dip in the water. 
Okay so I didn't run into that ice bath water.
I walked so I didn't freeze or slip on sandstone.
But the new swim team members - me and thea did go for a dip.
It was perfect and beautiful. 
Even better when we followed it with picking berries for 30 minutes that resulted in some good jam.

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thea said...

I was so glad that we were able to see it .. waking up that early the next day would have been really hard. Nice pictures!