Tuesday 10 - Bringing It Back!

I have been thinking I need some more Tuesday 10 in my life. Otherwise I will just only drone on and on about my travels and goals on this blog and you'll be bored to death. So with that said here's 10 bits of awesome on this Tuesday.
1. Viewmaster Wedding Invitations - I am not getting married but if I could have invitations like this I think I might.  These are made by Melangrienyc
 2.  Quilters on Quilts - We had low turn out but we still had a great time in the sweltering heat. 
 3. First Class upgrades.  This always reminds me of Seinfeld.
 4.  Toms shows - I have red ones but I think I need some maps
5.  Creme Brule smelling hair creme.  I love having hair you want to eat.
6. Text Messaging - How did we ever live without this?
7.Hot dogs!  I love them
8. Sunrises 
9. Swimming in Superior
10. Last but not least Keewanaw Beer & other microbrews  - Pick Axe Blonde is my favorite (note sexy beach hair is free with this photo normally I charge extra).

1 comment:

thea said...

Comments on your comments:
1 - cool but pretty pricey .. skip the wedding, just send these out as announcements.
2 - love the pics
3 - never had the experience but loved the Seinfeld episode
4 - love the maps - and how appropriate for you
5 - I love hair products that are yummy.
6 - for young people .. i have the hardest time getting my fingers on those teeny keys ...
7 - all beef -- are terrific
8 - I just don't like getting up early enough to see them
9 - the BEST!!
10 - Pick Axe Blonde is really pretty good ..