Swimming & Light House - UP Vacation Part 2

One of the things that happened on this trip was massive amounts of swimming. Every day in fact I went swimming even when the water was so icy it would take your breathe away. To me it's part of going to the UP. I love swimming off the rocks, swimming off the platform in Eagle Harbor, Swimming in great sandbay, swimming on the sandstone. It's delightful and refreshing.   Thea, Lita, Lynley and I were all in the swim club this year.  We really represented on the swim front.   The photos below were taken at this rock beach in Copper Harbor just across from Lake Fanny Hoe.  I love that you can see the Copper Harbor Light in the background.   This was the perfect day for swimming or drowning which is what it looks like I'm doing.  I'm actually touching my toes in the water splits style but you can't really tell.  LOL

We did a little rock climbing by our favorite light house too.  The sky was so perfect and you can't tell from these photos but it was so windy as a storm was brewing out on the lake.

The pose in front of the lighthouse shot here really didn't turn out as you can't see the lighthouse.  Whoops!  But you can see I wore my best hiking gear for this expedition.

More soon although I promise there will not be 1000 UP vacation posts as I really didn't take that many photos - the horror!


thea said...

It was fun! I didn't take any pictures of the EH lighthouse this year. I did get a few of the CH light though.

Anonymous said...

as usual your adventures never stop - n