WIP Wednesday Hello October

So a few things in progress around here.  
We are getting a new roof - permits are up shingles are selected and arriving with work crew tomorrow.  So yes that's happening.  After the roof we have some internal repairs that need to get done like the ceilings in the guest room, bathroom and kitchen too.  So that will happen soon too. 
I bought and had peg board trimmed for my home office space. (Huzzah for my pickup truck driving brother returning from Australia).  I am envisioning something like this only with my notebooks and stapler and postits etc hanging on it.  And I think neon orange or lime to match the almost finished quilt for Dustin instead of white.  
Also printed about 100 photos for project life and jones's baby book too.  Planning on that this evening.  
And last but not least working on these puppies... 
Improv Blocks for mine and Thea's improv quilt project.  I did 8 more for hers and started 6 for mine.  I think maybe this might be the last set of them so I might make a few more too.  (I desperately need to iron these). 

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thea said...

A new roof! wow and ceilings too. Love your peg board idea.

How many blocks are we going to have when we're done?? .. btw .. you're putting me to shame with all your productivity.