#37 Picnic with uncle Jono and Aunt Lolo

Uncle Jono and Aunt Lolo finally got to meet #babyburf at the end of September.   They were in town for a wedding and I scheduled a picnic with them before Lolo had to fly back to Omaha.  I decided to make this my fill in the blank #37. It was a beautiful fall day perfect for a picnic too.  We picked up lunch because it was later than anticipated getting home from church. 
Nobody seemed to mind.  
I bought a few quilts and we just hung out in American Legion Park downtown Indy. (Ps my great grandma made this white quilt and the yellow one I made).
This is what jones sees a lot people staring down at him.  
We also went to see the fountains the baby was not as impressed as he is with ceiling fans.
It was a good day.  Too bad Omaha isn't closer so we can have more picnics and stuff.

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