Lynley got Married

One of my best friends got married like a month ago.  It was beautiful, fun and amazing.  I am so glad that John and Lynley found each other.  You can tell they truly love each other and its awesome sauce.  Lynley was looking especially beautiful.   Kathleen and I were bridesmaids and so you know we took like a million selfies.  We also tried to give her a million amazing ideas like monkeys instead of bouquets and leopard suit dresses.  Thankfully she shot down all my ideas.   We also had guest appearances from Justin Timberlake, Tupac, Biggie and a handful of other celebs.  Here's a few of my snaps.

Here's to a long and magical wedding!  

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thea said...

Some great pics! Lynley looks great (and so do you and Kathleen)!