#14on14 November

Holy cow November woe is time going fast!  I remembered about my photos yesterday and I tried really hard not to make them all about the baby.  Anyhow here's our November 14th.
1 - jones napping in the morning (sometimes he gets dressed at like 10am.
2 - playing with his chicken rattle patiently waiting for me to finish with work.
3 - Bottle Bottles and more bottles. We only have 10 glass dr. Browns bottles and sometimes we use all 10 in the same day.
4 - Oil Change.  Jones was laughing hysterically when facing the other way (I thought the man sitting there might be annoyed)
5 - target for toilet paper and oh 100 other things
6 - it's too soon for Christmas not to soon for me to score stocking stuff USB port for the car. And aren't these foxes darling? 
7 - selfie in the car 
8 - This is how we do mail.
9 - daddy told us to be ready and yet we wait
10 - gas is $2.95/gallon
11 -it's Christmas at fiddlers too.
12 - dinner without the baby and he's on his phone
13 - jonesy with his aunt Maggie I think (twins it's hard to keep that straight) 

14 - bedtime (I sorta like this have shadowed shot).

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thea said...

love that little striped jacket! he's so cute.