5 months

My baby is 5 months now.  If he was spunky before he doubled in spunk in the last month.   
Dear Babyburf - You've grown tremendously in the last month both physically and mentally.  We can see you thinking and exploring things  lately and we wish we could read your mind.  We enjoy your stability and love your little chub.  This month - 
We fed you real food avocado, peas, sweet potato, and banana (sweet potato is a favorite).
You sit up on your own (mostly).
You get so excited that you shake.
You like to clap your feet together and sometimes hold your bottle with them.
You started sleeping in your crib.
You play for longer periods of time with toys.
You particularly love your caterpillar and no-neck giraffe. 
You probably weigh about 20 lbs.
You Started scream talking.  
You have a little patch of hair on the back of your head that is your baby mullet.
Grandma taught you to stick out your tongue and to head butt - both are adorable.
Daddy loves to have playtime with you where he throws you up.  
He likes to have daddy baby time which usually involves a trip to the mall.
He also bought you a 5 month present of a baby gym.
Mommy loves how you reach for me.
How you light up when you hear me.
I love when we do chores before work in the morning and how you patiently will sit next to me as I eat breakfast or check emails.
I love how you give me deep belly laughs for no reason.
And how you snuggle your head on my chest.  
Your getting so big little man, can't wait to see what's next.
Love mommy

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thea said...

Can't believe he's 5 months old already ...