Oh the Pumpkin Patch

So waaaaay back in October we took #babyburf to the pumpkin patch.  He pretty much loved it.  So much to see and touch and taste.  It was extra warm the day we went so that was nice too.  My favorite part of the whole adventure was when I stood the baby up so he was holding himself up on a pumpkin and he immediately started chit chatting with it as if it was one of his toys or an animal - it was priceless.
I love the photos we took took of my boys that day.  Dustins hair looks extra red next to the blue sky and the baby well hello cuteness!
Jones was very interested in the baby goat I mean heck he's drinking a bottle which I am sure he can relate to.
The baby also got a gourd which he loved until his drool ate part of the skin off. 

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thea said...

love these pics -- you're even in one of them!!