Tuesday 10 - March On

March is rolling on by.  Soon I will be going to my moms for my sisters shower and then on staycation.
1. Monkey babies who think it's appropriate to eat with both hands and feet.
2. Birthday party shenanigans where both my boys are making the same face
3.  Seriously I love wedding crafts.
4. I love this quote.
5. Soup
6. This baby face.
7. Finally getting the last check back from my mortgage company 5 months later.
8. Clean sheets
9. Melted snow!!!  Yes I thought I was going to have to get outside with a blowtorch to get rid of that stuff.
10. Hashtags - seriously I love that I can hashtag BabyBurf and then search on them best idea ever.

1 comment:

thea said...

That face is the best!!