Bungalow Bathroom After

Here are the after photos of our bathroom, see the before here http://katajone.blogspot.com/2015/01/bathroom-remodel.html?m=0 Our new vanity and reused mirror.  I panted the mirror this olive after nixing the Tiffany blue. I love how it's like a little surprise even though the paint is not perfect note to never spray paint in 10 degree weather.  Doesn't this random tile look great it was also like $48 for the whole room of course that doesn't include installation and the grout etc but still we could have laid it ourselves reasonably (but it looks better when the contractor does it).
We are using hooks rather than towel bars because towel bars are spendy (seriously they are like $30 for a bar WTH?) And honestly I like the look of hooks.  I also really dig the crystal hooks and knob on the mirror, not that you can see them very well in the photos but it's an interesting touch.
even spray painted the frames and register cover.  The photos are pictures from our trip to Ireland.  I plan to also paint the back of the door but it's still too cold for that. Anyhow I love the end results I think it's completely different and much nicer.

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thea said...

the remodel is great -- I went back and looked at the before and wow! what an improvement.