BabyBurf 9 Months

Dear BabyBurf - 
You are amazing.  You turned nine months last Thrusday.  On the same day you mastered the crawl, no more army crawling or the backwards worm for you - crawling is officially boss.  It's so awesome to watch you learn and try things it's also hard to watch you fall down and scratch your face.  Here's a list for this month: 
+ in addition to crawling you love to cruise.  Anything you can pull up on is fair game in the cruise including your cloths basket and chairs (not safe).
+ Your wearing 12 months and sometimes 18 months because of your cloth diapers.
+ You like to make all sorts of sounds like growling, mamma, dadda, yayaya, bawabawa.
+ You like to eat grown up food now things like chicken, pulled pork, green beans, asparagus, and probably #1 black beans.
+ you will not stay still to get your diaper changed.
+ you no longer sleep thru the night :(
+ you give hugs and high five and reach for us to pick you up.
+ You love to sing and at church recently the worship leader heard you.  
+ you have started smacking which is apparently a baby thing where you smack things you are excited about i.e being picked up or the tray on your chair.
+ You love seeing Nanna Anna and in the morning when you here her you get all excited.  
+ She sings you songs and teaches you lots of cool things like animal sounds.
+You also like seeing your aunts and uncles.

+ Daddy likes to take you out for just daddy jones time and you seem to enjoy such things.
+ Daddy gets sad when you go to sleep before he's off work.
+ Daddy like to throw you up in the air and you love it.
+ Mommy and you have a routine.
+ Mommy like to take you places so you have many experiences. 
+ Mommy loves when you let her read you books.
+ Mommy gets frustrated when you try and squirm off the changing table. 
+ Mommy thinks you are pretty awesome.
+ Mommy found you lots of nice things thrift store shopping recently.
+ you especially like the panda that makes Chinese music.  You makes you dance.
Love you little guy.

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