Project Life January 2015

I wanted to simplfy things with Project life this year so I changed up the size. I am doing 6x8 pages.  The sleeves still come in a variety of options but there's a lot less pressure to print a million photos.  I think it can also potentially help me use up the kits I have (or not as I think I used like 1 cards so far.)  anyhow here are my pages for January nothing super fancy  mostly paper and stickers.
I also want to use the little bits of paper from our daily lives this year.  In January I failed at that.  I forgot and then found the stuff so I made one last spread and used extra pictures to fill it in since I only saved a wine tasting menu from date night, a envelope, a gold coin wrapper and a tag from a sweater.  But it works.  

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Jennifer M said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving me a comment. You have the cutest baby boy! I have been toying with trying to do some PL style pages to put more photos on a page. :)