Bottles - things we can't live without

So I promise that my blog will not become entirely consumed with all things baby (just mostly).   File this post under things we can't live without.  
Anyhow I wanted to share a little bit about the bottles we use here.  We use all glass bottles.  Yes you are reading that right and it's not even 1975.  When I was still breast feeding we had about 6 plastic ones that were in rotation for pumping and storage but I have since moved those to the get rid of box.  When I was researching bottles there didn't really seem to be a consensus on which were the best.  Everyone had a different opinion.  
I am not sure exactly why but I decided on glass dr. Browns to start off with.  Bottles with the colic reducer.   We bought 6 small and 5 large to start (hint they can be cheaper on Amazon).  I personally love them aside from cleaning that straw thing.  I later purchased another 4 large when jones started drinking more at a time.  These bottles while heavy are good conductors of heat and cold when needed.  These bottle also worked with my Medela pump.  Oh and they don't warp in the dishwasher.  While I have no idea how the colic reducing straw works we didn't have colic and only probably usual spit-up. 
We had these for 6 months before we broke one - we have broken two total both not from ordinary dropping situations.  Recently we added in some Lifefactory ones with silicon sleeves and these are great too - I may like them even better (although grandma thinks Jonesy needs the straw). The sleeves are easy to remove and put back on and they offer protection from being dropped.
Another thing about these they will definently last thru several children.  Anyhow we love them and use about 6 a day.  
Both dr. Browns and Lifefactory are available at Amazon.  And I also purchased some at buy buy baby with coupons.

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