#Babyburf 11 Months

11 Months!  Holy cow.  
Dear Babyburf -
We think you're amazing.  Here's this months list.
- Favorite game open and shut doors any doors dishwasher, bedroom, cupboard, dryer etc.
- You started eating more meats, corn, noodles and raspberries.  Oh and Mac and cheese you love mac.
- you pretty much think I've and beans are amazing still and closely followed by bananas.
- We are starting to fix you less baby food and more grownup food.  If you don't eat it we bust out the baby food.
- you absolutely love your baby clubhouse and love to do the mailbox.  
- You weigh the same as at your nine month appointment 23lbs 8oz (we weigh you at the post office).
- you like to make sounds with everything. 
- you can take about 3-5 unassisted steps and we know soon you will walk.
- you went down the slide by yourself on your 11 month birthday no fear.
- you can only say mama, dada, and hi
- you mimic several different songs
- you like to clench your fists with both excitement and anger
- you have a new sitter 1-2 days a week to help gma rest
- you still take a bottle and nap twice a day
- you have 3 teeth one that just peeked out, two others are coming any day.
- you are such a flirt in public.
- daddy likes to tickle you.
- Daddy has been enjoying a little more spare time which means playtime/bath time.
- when daddy leaves sometimes you freak out and cry at the door
- mommy has been letting you help with chores and cooking and often put you on the stool to help
- mommy takes you on walks and you love the wind in your face
- mommy plays you music both adult and kids songs.
- mommy loves how your little hairs curl on your neck
- mommy is mastering the Art of the transfer to bed (I still fail)
- Mommy loves playing games we make up like throwing the balls into a clothes basket or lining up cars.
Your getting so big and so clever.  We love you so much
Love mommy

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