Day In the Life 5/14

Last Year I captured 14 photos every 14th day of the month.  This year I gave up that idea but I did capture one day although I am not sure I took 14 photos. Anyhow this was a completely normal day for us.  
I got up around 6:15 and went to work which actually means grab my laptop and take it to the living to respond to emails.  Jonesy woke up almost immediately and wanted some formula.
He passed out again on my lap and I shifted him to beside me on the sofa and went back to emails.
I got him dressed and then he played while waiting for grandma to shower. At some point I move to the back to do more work and conference calls etc. I am working on finalizing and elearning and an engagement model.
At noon I hope into the shower and get dressed. 
I have lunch with my baby which is pretty typical.  I think we have leftover tacos and blueberries.
Jones is not interested in hearing I am heading back to the office.
Back to work as you can see my desk is a hot mess.  I also have been drawing wuilt designs while on calls because sometimes you need to occupy your mind.
At about 4:30 I help grandma load her car up.  
Daddy actually came home at a semi normal time.  Jones likes to greet him by snagging his work pens and snatching his glasses.
He also smashes his face on Dustin's beard like this.  It's too funny.  
We ran a few errands then had dinner in fountain square.   We randomly bonded with two other families when we were the only customers in the place and our kids were all screaming.
We snapped a quick family selfie (ps I am doing pretty good with family shots in May).
At home again daddy gave jonesy a bath.  Mommy rocked jones to sleep.
Mommy quilted while daddy "watched tv" aka fell asleep on the couch.  Around 11:30 I went to bed and tried unsuccessfully to wake Dustin for him to join me.  
Overall it was a pretty average day. 

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