Tuesday 10 - Cinco De Mayo

Here's another list because we all need more lists:
1. Babies and ice treats adorable.
2. Indianapolis Blues Baseball is back.  My favorite player playing with Jonesy on the sideline.
3. Flip flop season is back.  
4. Winning at Trivia tonight it feels good after so long not many teams came but alas we still had good scores.
5. Thrift store finds for 50 cents
6. New recipes - meatball stroganoff it was excellent.  I need to refind the recipe and share soon.
7. Jones sleeping thru the night.  At 7 months he stopped and now he's back to it for the last 4 days anyhow.
8. Chubby little fingers
9. His weird tintin curl pretty cute.
10. Zipper pouches.  I dug out a bunch of these old friends for our trip to Colorado and I am still using them they make things much neater.  

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thea said...

another great list. looking forward to the stroganoff recipe.