Things We Can't Live Without - Diapers

We use cloth diapers and disposable diapers here.  We started out 100% cloth but as Jones got bigger and we traveled more the need for a disposable alternative came.   
So here's my ten cents about cloth diapers - 
1. They are not any grosser than disposable diapers.  If you have a baby there's poop and pee involved people get real.  
2. We tried four brands:
A. BumGenuis Allinone - by far these are our favorites.  Super simple, colorful, durable and aside from the 4-5 hour sleeps not many leak issues.  
B. grovia (only the infant ones were good otherwise they leaked most of the time when you need extra inserts it's not worth it to me. But hello cute patterns.)
C. Happy Henies all in one Organic - I was super excited about these as they are an Indiana company but they lay funny and are always out of shape. I thought it would get better when jones got bigger and we washed them more but they did not, as a result almost every time they leak.  
D.  GDiapers - someone gave us these and I find them confusing and difficult to use.  They are always the very last option used.
E. Charlie Banana - I read such good things about these and while we aren't totally disappointed - I find stuffing them tedious and it's like the inserts that came with them don't really fit them.  But again cute patterns.
3. My recommendation on brand by far is bum genius all in ones.  You can by them at buy buy baby with a coupon and target often has sales too.
4. If you hear cloth diapers don't leak - it's a lie!  While our diapers don't leak daily they do leak.  Sometimes there's naptime over wetting, sometimes it's tucked funny, when he was small leg leaks.  However we had the same issues with disposable diapers.
5. They are still diaper explosions but probably less with cloth I think the elastic collects it inside better.
6. Yes we wash these in our washer.  We have an old school washer with an agitator in the middle.  When he drank only milk it was all liquid it washed away.  When he started on solids we started with liners which are pretty much genius we have not even bought a sprayer and solids happened 5 months ago.
7. Sun drying REALLY does bleach stains.  This is amazing for diapers jumpers and other stains.  I had no idea I want a clothes line at my next house.
8. There are never enough wet dry bags we have x4 or more.  We like Charlie Banana, and Eco something.  Ps these are also useful for swimming pools and travel and honestly we use them when on days where we use disposable diapers.
9. Simple Human Trash Cans are boss.
10. We like big diaper butts.  
As for disposable diapers...
Aside from at the hospital we've used Honest brand diapers.  They are a little more expensive but biodegradeable and green.  We don't mind paying a little more for them.  There are a few other brands available at target too that are biodegradeable and green but I read some reviews about absorbency issues and leaks so we haven't tried them.  And honest has cute prints

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