2 - first Birthday Party

I absolutely adore Jones at this age.  He is so much fun and still so innocent.  Saturday we threw him a first birthday party (#2 on the list) while we had extra family in town for Lita's wedding.  We had it at Ellenberger Park at the rented shelter.  It was sort of "ball" themed since jones loves balls.  We served ball shaped foods meatballs, oranges, blueberries, cherries, cheeseball etc.  Jones was very into opening his presents which is more then I have seen from other one year olds mostly he wanted to play with all his new toys. He ate his cake with much more intentness the second time around the first time at our house with just us on his actual birthday he didn't want to get messy.  This time he took the cake apart and was offering bites to people.
I made party hats he wasn't interested in wearing but others wore them.  And I made him a special "1" cup which he did like to drink from.
Thanks to everyone who came to celebrate and for all the sweet gifts jones is still very smitten with his toys.  

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