#24 Burford and Co Trip Part 2

One of the things I had specifically wanted to do in Colorado was hot springs so we road tripped about 2 hours to steamboat springs.  The landscape was phenomenal on the trip there. We drove thru the mountains practically every turn I wanted Jono to stop except this would have prolonged the drive more.  We had previously selected Strawberry Springs as the hot spring to visit, because it looked the most natural.
Strawberry springs is literally off a dirt road up in the mountains and I imagine in the dead of winter you have trouble accessing it.  It's completely adorable although the lady at the desk was not super friendly.  We completely enjoyed ourselves and the springs jones included.   There was snow on the ground but the springs were warm enough you were not cold getting in and out.  My advice is though to pack a meal and drinks as there's no restaurant or food or drinks onsite and you are thirsty in the springs.  Next time I think it would be fun to stay in a caboose or cabin.
We also did some shopping.  Jonesy got three pairs of shoes on this trip in various sizes.  Jono and Lo also got some fancy things.  I bought only a Christmas ornament because I didn't want to figure out packing!  
And there were big things like the big dog made from dog tags 

And the big chair and the big sweep.
It' was a good trip I cannot wait to go back and see more amazing places.

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