325/1000 Miles

So far more disappointment in May I logged only 90 miles towards my 150 goal.  This put me at 325 for the year.  I am happy to report however that I did get about 15-30 active minutes in probably 75% of the time.  I also discovered that pushing the stroller doesn't count steps for my Fitbit accurately as Nike records distance with the GPS and what was like 2.5 miles in the Nike app was only showing as 1.5 in Fitbit.  Whomp whomp!
With this new found knowledge I have now been not pushing the stroller with my left hand and/or I will attach the Fitbit to my foot when we go on walks with jones.  I am going to shoot for 150 for June as well despite the fact that yesterday I left my Fitbit hanging on the towel rack and this morning it was dead. Summer is here so we should be able to make up ground.  Anyhow onward and upward.

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