Tuesday 10 - June Summer

1. Rides in shopping carts.
2. Pool and splash park time last week we did two pool visits and one splash park visits. This kid is a water baby.
3. Trivia Night we lost but we went to a new place and we saw John Stamps.
4. We broke a world record at the fever game and face painted logos on our faces YES!
5. baby's first Popsicle and concert.  
6. am i who you are looking for?
7. Jones is all over helping these days it's soooo adorable.  Here we made pizza.  He might have eaten a smidgen of each pepperoni.
8. Continuing our movement.
9. Worlds largest balloon animal.  Made by a guy we know.  Still available at the Indiana State Museum if anyone wants to see it.
10. Also at the museum the 19 Stars Quilts.  Define fly worth a look more about that soon.

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