#babyburf 12 months

My baby is now a toddler.  This year flew by, seems like just yesterday he was just figuring out breast feeding and switching his sleep pattern from days to nights.  Oh little baby jones you are so magical.  
Dear Babyburf -
You are so magical. The way you chatter on endlessly and nobody understands.  The way you open doors 20 times.  The way you eyes sparkle and your chubby fingers reach for me.   This month we saw you transforming from baby into toddler and we gobble up the transformations with clapping, giddy laughter, and hug snuggles.  You are our favorite. 

+ You walk now like between 5-12 steps mostly when you aren't paying attention. 
+ you cry when guests leave. 
+ You can do your shapes puzzle 
+ you can pick up toys
+ you mimick sounds
+ You sign three words eat, more and play
+ you can say, hi, bye bye, mama, dada and say ba for bath and ball, and baba for bottle.
+ you adore going to the pool and splash park.   
+ you know several animal sounds.
+ You love getting containers out of the two kitchen drawers and carrying them around.
+ You eat just about anything these days still loving the beans best and noodles second.  
+ Daddy has been spending some more time with you before his new job starts. 
+ Daddy likes watching you walk and encouraging you to play basketball
+ Daddy loves when you "help" cook or do dishes it's so adoreable. 
+ Mommy always love how you get so excited when I get you up in the morning. 
+ mommy loves watching you interact with other kids
+ mommy likes taking you on outings
+ Mommy smells your hair and skin after baths just so she can remember your smell.  
+ mommy loves when you mimick a song or humming.
Happy birthday boy.  You are awesome!
Love mommy

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