16 - Playdate 1 - morning at the museum

Saturday we did a little play date to burn off energy in the morning.  Since its winter and Holly and I both have museum passes we met at the museum.  We met up in the playscape.  Jones was not interested in doing anything without mommy but then he jumped in to play with Ewan.  
Jones loved watching the carousel and clapping for the music but when we got on it he flipped out.  He was super terrified and wouldn't let him let him go the whole time.    I made him ride it anyhow - and afterward he clapped.  Funny kid.  
Jones really liked the water table but he was not happy with the kid who was snatching away his ball and toys that he found in the water.  He also loved the ball machine and just watching the other kids too.  
It was a good trip we spent all of two hours there and then left and it was a good way to spend the morning.  Thanks to Holly and Ewan for joining us. 

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