I have been waiting for some snow to come when I could take jones out in his thrifted $2 snowsuit.  Finally for Valentine's Day we got some. When I told him after his nap about the snow he immediately wanted to go out.  He was not so interested in waiting for several layers of clothes and mommy putting on warmer socks and finding her mittens etc.  he stood by the door waiting for easily 15 minutes.  He took a ball out into the snow since we had been playing ball too.
Once outside he was like "oh wow" and "snow" and "brrrrr" but he was totally into it.  He picked snow up almost immediately with his mitten hand and smashed it into his chest.  He thought snowballs were great.  Sadly it wasn't really packing snow so no snowman. And was practically jumping for joy when the snow plows drove down the street pushing the snow.  
He liked tasting the snow and was uber excited about his slide in the snow.  And even though he had ice gloves and snow in his boots.  He had a major meltdown when we brought him inside to warm up.
I hoped we would get more than the 2 inches over night so Dustin could take him sledding but we didn't get much and I am sure the snow will be gone from the sledding spot when he gets home from school today.

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