Jones-Made Valentine's

Jones and I typically will do some sort of craft each evening if we don't go out.  Whether it's markers, stickers, cutting etc.  so it seemed fitting to make up some Valentine's.  Jones actually initatatied the project getting out my cutter and slicing up our birth plan for Thea before I noticed what he was doing.  Who taught him how to use this??  
Anyhow so I swapped him out for red and pink papers I had.  He cut a bunch of strips out then tore and cut them with scissors to make them smaller.  He needs a little assistance wth his kid scissors but surprisingly not as much as I thought. 
Then with a handful of hearts I free handed for him we glued it all down.  He seemed to know exactly what to do.  He also drew on some hearts and added stickers that grandma sent.  The stickers were a huge hit and some Valentine's got like 4-5 stickers.  
With a short happy valentines love jones on the back we mailed them off.  


thea said...

so sweet! love that you've got him making stuff with you already (and have been for a while now).

Mandy Crandell said...

Very cute! It's awesome you have him crafting so young.