Book - Year of Yes! By Shonda Rhimes

Even though I finished my 52 books and decided that reading X amount of books was a terrible goal for me.  I have continued to attempt to read.  I actually started like 8 books since December - all of them quickly abandoned for the most part.  But alas I did find a keeper - "the year of yes" by shonda Rhimes.  
First off let me preface by saying I actually had no clue who she was before reading her book, I have only seen one of her shows but I absolutely loved her book!  I love how she calls her people her people - me too.  I would recommend and even read it again.  And I really appreciated her message with the "Yes" - the last year or so has been a lot of "No" or "not now" for me as I figure out motherhood and we had some struggles.  And while I don't think my theme/word of 2016 is "Yes" I think we all need more yeses;  and I liked the tag line too "how to dance it out, stand in the sun, and be your own person" - yes to all three.  So here's to more yes.

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