20 Months of Jones

This month we stopped by the Garfield park mural.  We were on our way to the park for an event at the art center so it was fitting.  Jones was excited about the dog on the mural and also thought he was supposed to run to me as I took his picture but it shows his personality.

Jones Jones -
You celebrated 20 months the day after your sister was born.  
So far you are a great big brother.  You are very concerned about Thea crying and try to be helpful with the pacifier and getting me things we might need like her blanket or wipes etc.
You love to kiss her on the head or rub her gently like you see mommy do.  
Oh and you love her little feet you think they are funny.  
At 20 months you weigh 28 lbs and I think you are  33" tall but honestly I haven't measured you.
You continue to love to eat pizza, cheese, yogurt, blueberries, and beans.
You also love dipping sauce. 
We read lots of books you were so jazzed to find Where's spot on the shelf, but you also like Brown Bear and Look What I Can Do.
You enjoy drawing, painting, play dough, gluing, stapling, and cutting.  
Recently you are all about basketball.  You request we watch you and you practice shots while yelling "Kobe" like daddy.  You make maybe 20% and like it when we cheer for you and give you high fives. You probably play at least once a day.  
You get your head stuck under the tv trying to retrieve balls and I keep telling you to ask us.  
You also love to go swimming with your inner tube minus water and it's too cute. 
You can count to 3 and recognize letters a and b.  
You've been signing words we don't know lately too although we did recognize please.  
Mommy is most impressed with all the words you've learned or parroted recently you say many sentences and phrases now. Yesterday you said "terrible idea" which I thought was an interesting one.
Mommy enjoys having you read with her although mommy wants to pick the books.
Mommy loves when we do crafts or play ball.
Daddy has been giving you candy and mommy is not a fan of this.
Daddy has trouble telling you no.
Daddy likes when you want snuggle with him.
Jones you are getting so big, smart and strong it's great to see you grow.
Love mommy

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thea said...

Great pictures. what a sweetie!