25 - A class for Jones Soccer

One of the things I wanted to do this year was sign jones up for a class.  When I found out they offered both baseball and soccer for kids 18-24 months - I was pumped especially after discovering that baby gym was $200 for 10 sessions and they started at 5.  So I signed him up for soccer since I was a little concerned he might be dangerous with a bat.  
Anyhow his first class was Saturday.   He kept thinking he was going to "shoot ball" class despite what we explained.  
Dustin was on the field with him while I was watching Thea.  They have the kids do about 8 - 5 to 7 minute activities.  They worked on stretching and running and kicking.  Stomping bubbles. Building cone towers. And parachute.  Jones kept wanting to throw the ball but he started to get it.  
Jones loved every minute of the it.  He was smiling and excited the whole time.  He especially liked the parachute and threw a fit when parachute was over he wanted "more".  It was so cute to watch until he melted down.
The whole ride home actually he kept asking to go back to soccer.  I explained that we only go on Saturdays and we had to wait until next week.  He's been asking me several times a day if it's soccer day or kick ball day.  It's so cute anyhow how I think it was a win and I look forward to taking him next week.

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Anna said...

Who doesn't love the parachute!