Thea 2 months

Look she's not screaming not in the SLR photos either!  
Dear Theaburf - 
We've arrived at 2 months magically.  We got here and you seem to have found some contentment in sitting by yourself for longer periods of time.  Here's a list of things about you: 
- You sleep around 9-10 hours straight thru like a champ. 
- You nurse like a pro although you have been spitting up lately.  
- Your level of patience with jones is so good.  If he wants to give you a pacifier you take it, if he wants to hold you you let him, if he wants to patty cake your feet no big deal, you will even hold a marker and color with him.  so good.
- You starting swatting at things.
- You are attempting to roll over too when angry.
- You are growing eyebrows and eye lashes and I think your hair will be red.
- You finally stopped screaming at every diaper change and now only scream 75% of them.
- We take you out in public often and you normally are super calm when out.  
- People always comment on how small you are when I tell them your age - I guess they think you should be 12 lbs.
- we met another baby at church who is just a few days older than you.  
- we haven't been in for your two month checkup yet but I would guess you weigh close to 9 lbs.  
- mommy thinks you look like daddy.
- mommy loves how perfect your little fingers are. 
- mommy likes when you reach around for my finger when nursing so we can hold hands.
Love you bunches! 

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Anna said...

So cute! these are the best pictures yet.