30 - Make and Eat Salad 1:10 Spinach Twist

So I put this on the list to experiment a little my salads are usually boring lettuce + carrots and Italian or vinegar dressing.  But I like salad.  So this is going to be experimenting with things I have on hand or bought for something else to make salad.  
Anyhow salad 1 is kind of a twist on a regular spinach salad.  
Chopped Onion 
Chopped green pepper 
Shredded cheese 
Crushed almond for crunch
Dried cranberries.
Fried egg yolks runny

I tossed everything into a bowl.  I used the yolk as dressing.

It was pretty good I wished for more crunch since my spinach was starting to wilt and my peppers and onions we softer since they were leftovers. But overall it was tasty. I liked the yolk as dressing it was pretty tasty paired with the spinach and cranberry.  

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